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Worm by Wildbow
"This book was 1.7 million words long, it took me 13 days to read, during which time I pretty much didn't put my laptop down. For those of you unsure, that is long, that's almost 1/2 of The Wheel of Time series, or all of ASOIAF, including Dance with Dragons.

In just under 2 weeks, that should tell you just how into this I got. In fact, when (not if, when) he gets a decent editor and publishes this as a set, I will buy it, and I will most likely read it again. Not sure if that's going to be any time soon though, as he's now working on a second book, Pact! The fact I can't just pick it up and read the next chapter now is absolutely destroying me.

I read this almost directly after Steelheart, and the two did not compare at all. This is the book Steelheart should have been.

Spoilers from here on out, I warned you. If you have not finished it do not read on, I swear to God, even if you don't think you will read it, just don't.


Promise me you've finished it.


Good, let's talk.

(view spoiler)[ The book as a whole, is basically Taylors life, from her coming into her powers and setting out into the world, to her eventual death as she saves it. That interlude at the end with her and her mother? No. I refuse to believe that is canon and I'm pretty sure that's just the authors sudden inability to let go of a character he's been nurturing for over two years. For me? It ended there on that last chapter, and I was ok with that! She went out with a hell of a bang, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Yeah the first few chapters were rough, but when you consider that this was his first book, it's absolutely amazing. Once it gets moving the action never really lets up, and at times it felt a lot like a game, always rising in power and intensity, with the main characters fighting just to keep on a level with everything around them.

That said, it wasn't always in a good way, it felt most apparent in the way the Nine were the ultimate bosses at one point, but then they came back later as barely more than trash-mobs. Granted they're neutered versions of the originals, but still.

One thing I did like was that despite all of the people vying for attention around her, Taylor managed to stay the main character throughout. In so many books the main character is merely a catalyst for the events around them, and she was, but she was never overshadowed or outdone by others, in the end it was still truly her story.

And man was there was a huge list of characters, after a while I stopped trying to track them, if someone big was mentioned then I Googled it and looked them up on the wiki. I liked that though, the many characters, it made the world feel solid, and the way they were handled through interludes meant that their histories and viewpoints could come through without of intruding on Taylor's. Characters like Assault and Battery, they were minor characters at best but their backstory was pretty sweet and meant they weren't just names by the time he killed them off.

I never entirely understood the bits with the space-beings, but I think that may be intentional, they were alien after all. I mean, I got the broad picture, I think, but, yeah. On the same note, the extra endbringers seemed a bit, um, unnecessary and not as memorable as the first ones. The backstory with Trickster and his lot was pretty awesome though. At times I wanted to just skip them and carry on with the action though.

Overall, I'll add more to this later, but I think it was one of the better things I read in 2013, and I'm looking forward to what he comes out with for Pact! (hide spoiler)]
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