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For We Are Many by Dennis E.  Taylor

Having loved We Are Legion (We Are Bob), I couldn't wait to start this sequel. The combination of Taylor's words and wit with Ray Porter's perfect rendition, and you have a winner :O)

Confession: I like all the Bobs. I mean, I get their humour, their pop culture references, their sense of right and wrong. What is there not to like? In this instalment, we get more of what the first book served (second half), i.e. trying to help the few humans survivors, who are still trying to kill each other (near extinction and they still haven't learnt), find other viable planets, nurturing a new sentient species (Archimedes), dealing with the threat of a Borg-like 'Others' that decimates everything in its patch, and of course try to get back to actually exploring space...

This 'more of the same' could have jaded the reader, but as it happens, you just get completely taken in by the various plot strands. It is compelling because Taylor makes you care for all these Bobs, and the rest of the cast (the good ones that is). The humour is ever present but not at the expense of the rest of the emotions scale. In fact, there is plenty of heart-ache too.

The only negative thing I can say is that we have to wait for book 3... :O)

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